Tuesday, October 14, 2014

I guess this is a good place to write about seeing AFI in Birmingham last Thursday before I forget every detail of it. I didn't even think I was going to write an extensive post regarding it, but this show was so amazing and it really made me fall in love with AFI again. 

So, Wednesday night I stayed the night with my friend Casey and his boyfriend who lives in Trusseville which is like fifteen minutes from Birmingham so that was kinda perfect. I got a total of 3 hours of sleep, wouldn't say it was because I was excited.. More just I've been going to bed around one every night and having to get up at four was kinda terrible, but wasn't as hard to get up knowing I would be seeing AFI that night.

Got up and started getting ready feeling hella nauseous as ever. I have anxiety issues or something. Of course I'm also in a panic because I just knew Casey wasn't going to get up in time, but he did. Although getting on facebook at 4:30 and seeing that people are already in line definitely sent me into a rage of  "oh my god if you do not hurry up I will probably explode". 

Got to the venue around 5, and there were 8 people already there! I was shocked but then again not really? Is getting to the venue this early just a southeastern thing or??? I'd really like to know. Everyone in line are always super cool, we developed a number system so we wouldn't have to stay in a complete line the whole time. This was mostly for like the first 20 people, after that you were kinda on your own. 

When I saw them the last time in Nashville I saw the band walking around all over the place, but I didn't see them once this time. So nothing too exciting for the line other than hearing people whisper about "Jessi Slaughter". Yeah I didn't expect to see her at this show, but I am not going to discuss that anymore than this. 

I feel like I am everywhere with this post but I'm just gonna go with it. 

OKAY SO the tickets for this show went on sale like four months ago and the despair faction had a presale. Of course I was waiting on that presale because cool df perks RIGHT? Well no, actually this ended up costing me too much money because the only option was will call. The venue would not do anything about this other than sell us a hard ticket. Which I bought because I was not about to stand in a completely different line while some asshole fumbles through some papers looking for my name while the whole ticket line runs in. Like I don't get in line at 5 am to not be on the barricade. So yeah THANKS DF.

I had a headache before doors so I took a mystery pill from some afi fan that I can't remember the name of and I didn't even think twice about it you know. Basically you go to afi shows and forget everything you learned about strangers in elementary school. 

I guess I could talk about the actual show now. SO the opener !!!!!! Nostalghia!!!! at first I was like what is going on!!! then i was like she is so magical!!! then see came over to my side and looked me dead in the eye and i had a moment of fear because how can such an angel even be that close to me??? THEY WERE GREAT.  Sunshiny Milk is such a jam please listen to it!

AFI... oh where do I even begin? They opened with The Leaving Song pt. II and that just sets the energy for the entire set. That was the first AFI song I ever heard and I love it so much. I wish I could go into detail with everything funny that happened. Davey apparently forgot the words to File 13 and threw the mic to some dudes, then he jerked it back really fast. I don't know. It was stinkin cute though. 

I just want to brag about the setlist. I mean we got some GREAT songs. Veronica Sawyer Smokes was great. I can't remember if I've seen it before though. 

Oh my main brag guys.. after they came back for an encore they dedicated Greater Than 84 to Nostalghia. THEN! THEN! Davey was like "What do you guys want us to play off Burials??!! We know how to play a few of those." this was a magical moment because I was practically screeching "A DEEP SLOW PANIC" and I think he pointed at someone and they requested it and they played it. It was beautiful, (also did you know that i'm in that video A LOT) Davey then asked us if we wanted to hear The Conductor LIKE OF COURSE. and then he was like WELL WE'RE GONNA PLAY IT. also BEAUTIFUL. They ended with Silver and Cold and I was in disbelief that it was over. I mean it just went by so fast!

I got a picture with Adam after the show but I'm not going to post it anywhere because I look awful. I sat in ants shortly before this. Then the venue staff forced us to leave which was very rude but whatever. Probably a good thing they didn't come out for reasons I won't discuss.

Everything I write just become embarrassing to me immediately, but I know in a few years I'd like to read this again and be like oH YEAH that happened. I love how I started out really trying to be proper and it just ended in lots of caps and exclamation marks. 

please don't steal my shitty iphone photos.. i mean i'm really good at editing but if you have vscocam & afterlight i can't really see how you can't be

Saturday, September 20, 2014