Monday, August 13, 2012

Another music post.. About one song.


Oh Blaqk Audio, I have not been excited much but this song has did it. I really do not want to wait til September. 

Oh my god TOUR ALREADY. Come to the south. 

Also, is it possible to maybe listen to the Bright Eyes or Marina station on Pandora without a Regina Spektor song coming on? No? Not that I don't like Regina, but she's getting redundant. 

Friday, August 10, 2012

So, apparently I am still very new to photography, and actually knowing how to work my camera.. Today I found out you can connect the camera to your computer and pull up the EOS Utility, and it'll show up like a webcam. So much easier to take self portraits haha.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

I have been on a search for Lita knock-offs, and I happened to find a pair at Charlotte Russe! They don't look identical, but close enough. I actually think I might like these better, they're not as big as Litas.

Also check out my cat print shirt. CR only had one and it was a large, so it's a little big.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Ship In A Bottle

I wanna be the surgeon that cuts you open 
and fixes all of life's mistakes 
I wanna be the house that you were raised in 
the only place that you feel safe 
I wanna be your shower in the morning
that wakes you up and makes you clean 
I know I'm just the weather against your window 
as you sleep through a winter's dream 
Something's churning the earth
Something's stirring the sky.
Every color at once in a column of light.
Bacteria breeds on a microscope slide 
The worm in my heart is the apple of your eye.
Don't adore what is impossible
We have built this ship in a wine bottle 
If we knew how it worked we would have to grow old.
Something's eating at you, 
wakes you up in the night 
If you're digging the past 
who knows what you'll find 
Read the newspaper print off the microfiche slide 
and you're holding your breath 
for the rest of your life 
Don't you love what is intangible 
I have built this ship in a wine bottle 
but if you knew who I was 
you would never grow old

Conor and I are obviously the same person and he just writes my feelings and sings them because I can't. Well sometimes.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

So I have to make a music post RIGHT NOW.

Blaqk Audio just posted a teaser of Bright Black Heaven (I tried to type out Bright Eyes just then, HA) and it got me super stoked on the album. I mean I haven't been excited about it since like TWO years ago. I'm just super stoked to hear Faith Healer and Fade To White.

Bright Black Heaven Album Preview

ALSO ALSO some new Conor Oberst songs have been played during his recent shows. I can't handle all of this great music.